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When you notice that your brick fireplace inside or brickwork outside starts to look faded or yellowed, or even just for the simple reason that you never liked the way your brick looked since the day you bought your home, that is how you know that it is time to give it a freshened up or new more modern look. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR BRICK COLOR and love it very quickly. Just know this, it is a challenge to remove paint from brick because of its’ porous nature, so we ask you to please make sure it is a look you want to have ongoing.


Once you have decided that painting your brick is the way you want to go to update the look of your home, know that this is actually a good thing as it adds a protective layer! Also, what most people do not realize is that painted brick can actually be easier to clean than raw all natural brick, and that can make it easier to keep your home looking new and beautiful all year long.

Before you paint, WATCH OUT for any molded, broken or rotting bricks because you do not want to paint over them as it can cause more damage in the long run. A lot of people think that painting brick is an easy DIY (Do it yourself) project, but as professionals, here at Trombley Painting Company, we pride ourselves on doing the right prep work and use the correct paint and primer to ensure the longest lasting paint finish possible.

Brick painting is really an investment in the future beauty and protection of your home and having us do it professionally for you will not only save you tons of time up front, it can actually save you money on possible future repairs. REMEMBER that it is always better to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME with anything, but especially with brick painting because after years in the sun and the elements, it is very hard to do spot repairs and then rematch the paint color when you have to patch if future repairs are needed.


Not everyone loves the exposed brick look, so painting is truly an affordable way to update and add a great modern look to your home. If you’re no longer in love with the particular color of your brickwork, it’s a problem that can easily be solved with a fresh coat of paint! Whether it’s a wall, fireplace, or another brick surface inside your home, painting brick can instantly give your space a new updated feeling.As always, if you use the wrong type of paint, not only do you risk that the original brick color might start to bleed through, or the brick could start to chip. Painting brick can be tricky, so we encourage everyone to hire our professional team at Trombley Painting Company especially if it needs some repair work. If you spot any areas that may need repair, it’s always the best way to go.
We know all about how most of the older homes that have brick fireplaces which may have once been in fashion but those orangey and speckled bricks may not only make your home looks it’s age, you may just not like it at all!  NO PROBLEM! We know what to do to update your space quickly and efficiently without turning your home into a huge renovation project! Also, we have found that most people enjoy the whitewashed or solid white finish on their brick surfaces,  however the sleek modern styles include dark grays and black. Here at Trombley Painting Company we pride ourselves on making sure YOU WILL LOVE THE LOOK YOU CHOOSE!
Sometime exposed brick walls both inside or outside can bring a lovely natural color and darker bricks can feel too gloomy. This is not right or wrong, it is HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL! Whether you desire to lighten things up or darken them, we are here to help you! The major difference in the types of paint that will be needed will be if this paint is for indoors or outdoors, of course, but there are several different finishes such as high gloss, eggshell or flat, that we are happy to explain to you so you can love the choice you are making. Here at Trombley Painting Company we love to help you aesthetically as well and making sure to repair and prep the surfaces properly for a look that not only pleases you for years to come, but also protects your brick surfaces.
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