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Professional cabinet refinishing can give your bathroom or kitchen an entirely new look at a fraction of the cost of a remodel.  Refinishing kitchen cabinets is very popular with homeowners in older homes wanting to update the appearance of the heart of them home (the kitchen!).  As part of your cabinet refinishing cost, all of the doors and drawer faces are removed and sanded down for refacing with a fresh, new color.  We can use wood stain or paint.  In most cases, the building owner or homeowner also chooses to replace all of the cabinet hardware at the same time for added effect. No major renovation is needed, but the results may feel like an entirely new room.  When you get your free estimate for the project, be sure to ask about having Trombley Painting professional painters also paint your kitchen trim.


Steve Trombley wants you to be absolutely delighted with every painting and decorating job we do. Every one of our jobs comes with our ironclad, risk-free guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with any of our work, we will repaint the area for free, or you can have your money back.

(More details on our FAQ page).

  • The Choice is Yours. ​When choosing professional services for cabinet refinishing it should be about what you want and we’ll help you with one of the most extensive color palettes in the industry to match your vision.


  • Surfaces. We match our paint and materials to the surface we are painting every time, all the time.  Your cabinet refacing paint or stain will be the right paint or stain and sealant for the location of your cabinets.

  • Style Matching.  Already have something in mind from a picture in a book or Pinterest?  Have countertops on order or another room you want to mimic?  We are skilled at helping choose colors and styles in cabinet refinishing to match other kitchen or other home elements.


  • Quality Products. We use some of the finest brand name products and tools for your cabinet refinishing and painting needs.

  • No Hassle Preparation and Clean-up.  The professional painters at Trombley Painting Company take all the hassle and headache out of prep work and clean-up.  We do it for you! We keep our job sites clean, too!


And we can do it all at an AFFORDABLE PRICE!


What types of cabinets can you refinish?

                Kitchen cabinet refinishing is certainly the most popular cabinet refacing since the kitchen is thought of as the heart of the home, but we are not restricted to the kitchen when it comes to cabinet refinishing. We frequently paint built-in bathroom cabinets as part of our interior house painting jobs along with built-in pantry cupboards and garage cabinetry.  Because we offer wood staining services with our cabinet refinishing, we can also reface small cabinets, too, like built-in bookshelves and similar cabinets in living rooms and dens. 


Can you refinish metal cabinets?

                Trombley Painting Company also offers industrial painting services and works with a variety of painting materials, including metal with rust-resistant paint.  We offer free estimates, so there is nothing to lose in having us come out and take a look.  There is a good chance we are the right team to help with your metal cabinet refinishing project.


What types of faux paint styles can you do on kitchen cabinets?

                That’s the fun part! If you would like to refinish your kitchen cabinets with a distressed look for a new country kitchen or add a sponge effect, glaze, stenciling, metallics, antiqued, color washing, two-tone… we are happy to talk to you!  If you have seen a photograph of something in a magazine or online (Pinterest and Houzz are great places for ideas), please show it to us.  We can let you know about the technique we’ll use and what the cost will be as part of your free estimate. 


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