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Is there anything sweeter (other than a cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea) than sitting on your patio deck and enjoying the gorgeous breezes, hear the birds and think, “Ahhhh, I love being out on our deck. I am so happy we revived our decking, I forgot how pretty it is out here!”When your deck has seen better days, that is exactly when we want to help you win the fight against the elements and by staining or painting, we will accomplish three things….a new coat of protection for your deck, a deep sigh of relief in that fresh air that you outsourced this task to us, and a new beginning so that winter, spring, summer or fall, your deck will look great!


Here at Trombley Painting Company, we know that staining your deck can be a messy and big task that can hang over your head until it becomes an eyesore. Don’t worry! We have seen it all and we are ready to handle your deck painting and staining and we will even help you pick out the color! We know that you want to get it right and that it takes time and care to be certain that you get the finish you want. Whether you want to keep a more natural look showing of the wood, or you are ready to paint over it all, we are hands on and willing to help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space.


Even though it was once a favored look to have wood left unfinished so it would into a pale grey natural tone, it really is something we think that you should rethink. Unfinished wood deteriorates quickly when left to the elements. Sometimes moisture in the wood can warp, crack and twist and sometimes even need to be replaced. Sun is not your decks’ friend either. It not only breaks your decking down over time and if it is also exposed to moisture, it is more susceptible to the wood rotting or decaying due to fungi.Yes, there are only two approaches when it comes to protecting and restoring your decking. Paint it or stain it. Some people love a shellac shiny finish or satin but both provide protective qualities and add beauty, however, just know that the best tier of protection for your wood decking is painting it. It’s the best at protecting wood from both moisture and sunlight, and sometimes it can last for up to 10 yearsYes, staining your outdoor decks does give it a real high-end kind of look by showing off the natural beauty in the wood. The wood stain soaks in to the grain of the wood which fills up the nooks and crannies where moisture, dirt and bugs love to stay. On average, stain only decks should be re-stained every 2-4 years since the protection is not as good as painting.
We have friendly, experienced painters, who are professionals at painting decks and outdoor surfaces. If you would like us to help you decide on the finish and color of stain or paint, then we’ll prep the surface of your deck by cleaning off all debris and making sure all the boards are still in good shape—you don’t want to paint or stain any wood that might be damaged or rotting especially if those sections need replacing, since it is almost impossible to match paint after years in the elements. Here at Trombley Painting company we want to be there to walk you through our proven repeatable process, every step of the way.
Once the deck is prepared and ready, we’ll get started! We’ll take great care to ensure you get a smooth finish, whether we’re working with paint or stain. Once the painting is done, we’ll look for any spots that need touching up, and monitor it to make sure it dries without bubbling or cracking. When it’s all done, we’ll go over the work with you, to make sure you’re happy with the work. We’re not done until you say we’re done—we’ll take care of any touchups before we leave, leaving you with the perfect spot to enjoy those sunny days.

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