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When should you paint
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Have you ever driven past a home and noticed how pretty their front door looks? Painting your doors outside not only creates great curb appeal, your cupboards or pantry doors indoors can update your home and make it look more fresh and exciting than almost anything else you do to improve your home’s look and feel. It most certainly can be done quickly and is very cost effective especially when compared to taking on a huge renovation project.


When it comes to getting a whole new look for your kitchen with an all-out renovation, things can get pretty expensive fast. Reno’s usually take longer than we want and can upset the heart of the home, our gathering place to prepare food. This is where refinishing your cabinets can be an excellent alternative without all the hassle. Check out these benefits versus an all in renovation project.
1) Keep your exact same layout.
2) Save money rather than tearing out cabinetry.
3) Most feel better about upcycling instead of throwing out cabinetry.
4) Save time! Your time is your life. We get in and do our work and get out.
5) No boxing up dishes, pots and pans.

If you have never transformed your home with paint before, you will be amazed at how dramatically your old dreary kitchen will be once Trombley Painting Company is finished! Take a look at some of our photos and see if you wish that your kitchen could look this wonderful. They say a picture is as good as a thousand words and we would agree.  

Even if you are just starting to think about your new kitchen cabinet look, just give us a call to schedule your free, no obligation estimate appointment today and we will help you find the right solution for the heart of your home, the kitchen!


Are you sick and tired of all the scuff marks and chips on your old worn out interior doors? Not only your bedroom and bathroom doors, but kitchen cabinets, pantry doors, linen closet doors and bathroom vanities can really take a hit and start to get worn out and scuffed up. If you’re painting a room, give your doors an update at the same time so everything looks fresh and new. Whether it’s a solid wood door, a sliding pocket door, or French doors, Trombley Painting Company awaken a whole new feeling to your home.

‍Now that you know you want to give your kitchen a fresh new look, it’s time to GET INSPIRED! Many of our clients prefer to keep things understated and paint your cabinets a crisp white for a look that is classic and goes with just about any style of decor. Perhaps you are ready to play with colors for a more modern contemporary feel and some go for big punches of color just on the bottom of the cabinets and white or stained on the top cabinets. Another great way to explore your love of color is to simply apply color on the kitchen island.

Here at Trombley Paining Company we’ll work with you to create the perfect look just for you in your new freshened up kitchen. Whether you’re after a solid paint color or would like us to show you a stain that shows the grain of the wood, we have had 33 years of professional experience and we would love to take care of everything for you!
Can you see your newly painted door as you drive home at the end of the day? It can be like a nice big hug! We LOVE helping you with your exterior door painting! When you are ready to freshen up your front door or garage door, you can add a brand new color and it will instantly transform the look of your home’s exterior. Whether you choose a shiny clean white paint for your door or a smashing pop of color, we love helping you get the look you want and we enjoy how quickly this creates immediate curb appeal!

Let us paint your front door! Painting your entire exterior house a new color is such a large project so a lot of people have us begin with freshening up your front door! It is a HUGE BANG for the buck! We love the extravagant and WOW look of a shiny ruby red door, but there is nothing prettier than a fresh coat of paint in any color. We love to help our clients select the color and finish that will blend well with your existing exterior house paint color and of course, we can also help you decide if you need to paint any additional trim to compliment your color choice.
We love it when our clients are ready to paint those big garage doors. We have painted all types of garage doors, from wood with no windows to all kinds of metal with glass windows. Garage doors can also make a strong statement with dark colors for a modern look or simply a coordinating color to your existing exterior house paint.As with all of your painting projects, we love to help you decide on the best color choice for you and we do all the preparation work to make sure you get a perfect finish every time. We can usually do your garage door and any prep work in just one day, so give us a call for a free estimate!
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