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Don’t you just love seeing the houses with the white picket fences? Those fences are a part of the American Dream, aren’t they? Two kids, a home and a white picket fence. We love it! Of course we paint any style of fencing that is your style and we want to help you keep your home and fences looking well kept and beautiful.

Your fencing is not only something you look at every single day, it is out there for all to see, so when it comes to giving your property a face lift, there is no faster and easier way than painting your fences. This is not only cosmetic though, painting your fences can also help protect and even extend the life of your fences. Even if your house or business does not need a fresh new look or protective coat of paint yet, consider doing your fences to update and revive your curb appeal.


Obviously we all love having our fences well kept and beautiful, but the biggest reason to apply a stain or paint is to help protect the wood itself. The sun, water, heat and termites can ruin untreated wood.

If your wood fencing boards are sealed, termites are not attracted to it and sun cannot break down the wood and age it thereby discoloring the wood into a grey color, but protects it.

So whether you choose painting or staining your fences, this process will actually form a protective barrier and keep your property looking good for years!

Some people prefer staining because they prefer showing off the natural grain of the wood. Stain soaks deep into the wood, filling up gaps that would otherwise soak up moisture and where dirt and bugs find their home. Staining offers good moisture resistance, but it’s not as effective as paint and will need to be restained every 3-4 years to keep it fully protected.

Painting on the other hand, actually helps protect your wood from destructive UV rays (sunlight0 and lasts sometimes up to ten years. So, whether you prefer painting or staining your fences, please consider Trombley Painting as your preferred professional local painting services company and we will show you why we strive to be the best professional painting company  in your area!


Here at Trombley Painting, we know firsthand that whether you paint or stain a fence there is a bit of prep work required before we get started if you want an ideal smooth, lasting finish. First off, the fence will need to be power washed to ensure it’s clean and roughed up a bit in order to grab the paint or stain. We will be sure to lay down drop drop cloth sheets to protect the surrounding area.In the case that your fence is metal, sometimes spots need to be sanded and/or primed to release old loose or peeling paint and may need a wire brush scrubbing also. Sometimes those areas will need an oxide primer or rust inhibiting primer, while regular exterior primer is used on wood fences. Wood fences get stain applied with a brush and paint can be a combination of brushing, spraying or rolling on the paint depending on the condition of the fencing materials.

After the fencing has been prepped, then painted or stained has been applied, we are careful to clean up and make sure we pick up any paint or metal chips or other debris.
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