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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist from Trombley Painting

Summer is almost here! Time to tackle some items on your home maintenance checklist to spruce up your home, keep it clean throughout the year, and help preserve your home exterior paint!

  1. Exterior Paint Touch-Ups- Does your house need a touch-up? Let us help you! Contact us for a free estimate, and have your home looking summer-ready in no time.

  2. Wash Exterior Windows- Simply fill a bucket with hot soapy water and get scrubbing!

  3. Clean Window Screens- Take off all of your window screens and gently scrub them with hot soapy water. Some may need replacing instead.

  4. Reverse Cleaning Fans- When the fan is spinning counterclockwise it will push the air down, creating a nice breeze.

  5. Clean Driveway, Patio, & Walkways- Thoroughly clean your walkways and driveway with a pressure washer to get rid of everything that has been sitting there for a year! You can also check these areas for cracks and weeds.

These steps can help preserve your exterior house paint. Time for new paint? Learn more about how we can help with our residential exterior house painting services.

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