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Painting the Interior of Your Home? What You Need to Know to Prioritize Your Rooms

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Painting the interior of a home can be a daunting task, which is why homeowners are hiring pros to do the work. San Luis Obispo painting contractors like us can do the job in a quarter of the time (maybe even less) than you could, and the results will more than exceed your expectations.

One of the ways painting contractors save time painting the interior of a house is by prioritizing the order of rooms we paint. After all, furniture needs to be moved around, items need to be removed from the walls, and flooring needs to be covered. Then everything needs to be put back in place and supplies need to be cleaned up before you get back to relaxing in your home again. Getting every room painted in your home at the same time is definitely exciting and worthwhile, but you need to survive it before you can start celebrating.

At Trombley Painting Company, we have discovered the best flow when it comes to painting rooms, which means that you will not be as inconvenienced as you might be if you started with a room at random.

Where to Begin Painting the Interior of Your House in San Luis Obispo

We have always found that it is best to begin with bedrooms and bathrooms because then they are ready for you to use for the duration of the project. We understand that having a place to retreat to when the rest of the house looks like a construction zone can help you relax and unwind. As soon as these rooms are complete, you can have them back in no time at all and that means that you can walk into them, close the door, and forget about the rest of the work that needs to be completed or is in progress.

The Second Space to Tackle for Interior House Painting Projects

It is a nice to eat out for a little bit when the interior of your house is getting painted, but what will happen to all that food in your kitchen if you dine away from home during the entirety of the painting project? Produce can go bad, milk can sour, and your budget can suffer tremendously between expiring food and the restaurant bills. Tackling the kitchen after the bedrooms and bathrooms will allow you to get your life back on track much faster. Plus, the kitchen is always considered the heart of every home, so it will give you another place to congregate together when the rest of the rooms are still covered in drop cloths. If you’re thinking about repainting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets, we can remove the doors and paint them at our shop in Paso Robles to further reduce any inconvenience you might have without access to your kitchen.

The Next Set of Spaces for Painting

After the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, it is time to have the painters tackle your living room, family room, game room, and other multi-use spaces. These rooms are usually the largest of any of them, so they take a little more time to complete. This is the time when most homeowners will retreat to their rooms which have already been completed, but since these rooms are finished and looking more beautiful than ever, no one ever minds hanging out in them.

The Last Spaces to Paint

The last areas that our San Luis Obispo painting contractors tackle are the places like the laundry room, home office, and entryway (or mud room for the rural farm homes and winery estates here in San Luis Obispo County). These rooms are usually out of the way from the rest of the home, so you can continue putting things back in place in the common-rooms while your painting project wraps up. These rooms will need to be completely off limits until the paint dries, so it is best if you have a backup plan of where everyone will store their coats and shoes. Plus, everyone will need to have enough clean laundry to last long enough for the paint to cure.

We Will Meet Your Interior House Painting Needs

Now, there are no rules that state that you need to have your painters do the rooms in your home in this order. You can choose the order that you desire, like starting with a home office on a Friday to have it ready to work in while the other interior painting occurs. Another great example would be holding off on the children’s bedrooms until they might be leaving to spend time with their grandparents in a couple of days. We understand that San Luis Obispo is a diverse County and house painting projects here need to meet the lifestyle needs of each individual or family.

We recommend that you discuss your needs with us during your free estimate consultation, so that we can help you decide which options are best for you and your family. After all, we have been painting the interiors of homes for over 30 years and one of the reasons that we are still in business is we always want to manage your house painting project in a manner that best suits you, our customer, so that you end up with the house of your dreams, in the order that you need it. And we always clean up our work areas to disrupt your life as little as possible during the project.



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