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Retail Painting

retail store painting paso robles

We are a painting company that understands the needs of retailers!  Trombley Painting Company offers professional retail store painting services catered to the demands of busy retail establishments.  Our retail store painting services are planned around the business hours of your retail store to minimize the disruption to your customers.  We can also paint in sections to ensure you have a presentable retail environment in-between painting sessions while allowing the remainder of your retail store to remain operational.  We have provided professional painting services to retail stores all over San Luis Obispo County! 

retail store painting san luis obipo
retail store painting paso robles

Retail Store Painting Services


Interior Retail Store Painting –

The colors inside a retail store have an incredible impact on the shopping experience of the customers.  Interior colors convey a mood, provide a backdrop for your products, build a sense of belonging, and provide a flow to shoppers.  Trombley Painting Company offers color solutions for retail store painting projects that will keep your customers happy, and happy customers are going to keep coming back for more!  We also offer low-to-no VOC paints to keep your customers and staff from facing any harsh fumes.  San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties are known for wine, olive oil, almonds, and more wonderful things to eat, so the last thing we want is to disturb the experience of your customers with a harsh ‘fresh-paint’ smell. 


Exterior Retail Store Painting –

The exterior paint on your retail store can either invite customers in or tell them to keep walking.  Drab or worn out exterior paint is a clear sign to shoppers that the interior of the retail store contains drab, worn out merchandise.  Trombley Painting Company can match the colors of your brand to provide an exterior experience your customers will remember and keep them walking in your door.  Retail stores in strip malls and historic plazas may have color restrictions for their exterior paint schemes, but there are still ways to use color to signal to potential customers that your store is the one to go into; sometimes it just means having the freshest, cleanest look.  Our professional painting company is ready to help your retail store attract new customers by sending them a clear message with new exterior paint.


New Retail Construction Painting –

In San Luis Obispo County, new retail stores are opening year-round.  New construction painting projects for retail stores often have important deadlines and require working with other contractors to get the entire store ready for your customers as quickly as possible.  Our professional painters regularly work on projects side-by-side with other construction crews and with more than 30 years in business, we probably already know them!  We can paint individual stores, outlet malls, and everything in-between!  If you have a deadline coming up for your new retail store construction project, contact us for a free estimate!

Retail Remodel Painting –

Big brand retailers and mom-and-pop shops alike need periodic makeovers to keep their retail store looking fresh and new to customers.  Trombley Painting Company has helped many retailers achieve a fresh, new look by adding a fresh coat of paint, switching to new colors, and/or create brand awareness through paint in stores big and small.  Modern retail stores should consider a refresh on the look and feel of their stores at least once every five years.  When was the last time your retail store was visited by a professional painting company?  Keep your customers excited to visit you with new paint!

Commercial Painting Maintenance –

Do your walls receive a lot of abuse?  In retail stores, it is more common for paint to get damaged by display cases, shopping carts, chairs, strollers, and even customers from simple wear and tear.  Trombley Painting Company offers commercial painting maintenance services to retail stores to keep-up with the wear and tear your paint may face.  We can match your paint and provide professional touch-ups when it’s needed for those unsightly dents, dings, and scratches.  We can also help retail store owners decide on the best choice of paint for high traffic areas that may be worn down more easily, like the counter at the cash register. 

  • Colors can create a theme, but that theme should highlight and sell your products rather than detract from or conflict with them.  Try looking at the packaging of your merchandise when deciding on the colors for the walls.

  • Cool colors like blue can have a calming effect on customers.

  • Warm and earthy colors like brown provide assurance to customers and may be more inviting.

  • Orange is a color for strength, but is also happy.  Burnt orange can create a warm and happy environment.

  • Bright colors like red and yellow can create focal points to shop at, but too much creates anxiety. 

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