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Warehouse Painting

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Warehouses are a valuable asset to businesses along California’s Central Coast and warehouse operations demand strong surfaces that can face a lot of wear and tear as products and pallets get moved around.  Warehouses often receive more environmental abuse on the inside than a traditional commercial or industrial building because their large doors are often open for prolonged periods of time.  Warehouse painting projects can be massive undertakings, but require speed to prevent business downtime and proper application to get warehouse paint that is going to last.  The professional painters at Trombley Painting Company are familiar with the needs of warehouse painting projects from their articulating metal doors to their floor coating needs.

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Warehouse Painting Services


Surface Preparation –

Warehouses need special surface preparation before applying paint.  Trombley Painting Company offers a variety of surface preparation procedures including power washing, chemical stripping, crack repair, and even robotic water-and-abrasive-detergent blasting with up to 40,000 PSI.  We customize surface preparations based on the age of your walls, the demands your walls may face, and the materials they are made from.  Many warehouses use brick and metal, but may also include areas of drywall, exposed wood, or concrete.  We can prepare any surface type and even offer asbestos abatement.  We will select the right surface preparation for your needs and apply the right type of paint for your surfaces and demands.

See a list of our surface preparation methods here!

Warehouse Interior Painting –

Interior warehouse painting projects often focus more on function than form.  We at Trombley Painting Company know a lot about color, but we also know a great deal about corrosion resistant coatings and multiple-surface projects.  Warehouses need industrial-strength paints and coatings to protect their surfaces when exposed to the elements through open bay doors.  We can also help you meet safety requirements by marking warehouse hazards like poles, steps, and pipes in red or yellow.  We understand the importance of providing a safe working environment for your team!   Our professional industrial painters can work around the hours of your warehouse operations to minimize the disruption to your warehouse distribution processes.   We want to keep your busy warehouse moving!   

Warehouse Exterior Painting –

Warehouse branding through signage and accent colors presents well to customers, investors, and staff, but warehouse exterior painting can require just as much preparation and protection as the interior of the warehouse.  Multiple surfaces, UV exposure,

Garage Door Painting – 

Warehouse doors are often articulated metal structures which roll up when not in use.  Painting warehouse garage doors requires expert care to preserve your investment.  Garage doors on warehouses are most often made from galvanized steel or aluminum, but over time may start to rust or show chips in their existing paint.  Trombley Painting Company can prepare and paint these warehouse garage doors to extend their usability and maintain their appearance. 


Warehouse Coatings –

In addition to warehouse paint, we also offer industrial epoxy and floor coating systems.  Warehouse coatings provide floor reinforcement with the high compressive strength needed in many garages and warehouses with heavy machinery, forklifts, or chemical products.  Our warehouse coating solutions can seal your concrete slab from water, agricultural, or chemical spills, preserving your valuable warehouse floor and creating a safer working environment for your team.  Cracked and unsealed concrete may allow hazardous chemicals to leach into the ground which is not only environmentally unsound, but it may also violate EPA regulations.  We can install troweled, self-leveling, and broadcast seeded floor systems.

Contact us today for a free estimate on your warehouse painting project!

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